GP Station Ltd. is a charge point operator currently building a network of charging stations for electric vehicles under the GPStation brand. Our network is growing rapidly nationally and regionally and offers both standard and fast charging stations. GPStation offers its users and partners a platform with real-time information about the location and type of charging station.

We try to create for our customers and users of electric cars a good and fast service through various methods of payment :

  • Electronic wallet
  • Credit or debit card

Our mission is to create a network (infrastructure) of charging stations, which will become an important part of the daily life of our customers.

Our vision is based on the desire for quick and easy access to the stations, as well as easy, fast and smart solutions and payment methods.

Our goal is to help the development of convenient and environmentally friendly transport, as this helps to change the way of thinking, to a better and better life.

Our partnership with the world leader in charging solutions Siemens allows us to be confident in the quality of the service we offer.

In line with the global trend towards environmental protection, we at GPStation have also moved in this direction - electric cars, charging stations, photovoltaic installations, photovoltaic generators, modern electric vehicles, intelligent control of all electrical appliances and home heating. .

The popularity of electric mobility will continue to grow and our focus is on the development of charging infrastructure. We design, supply and install charging stations.

In previous years, many electric vehicle (EV) charge point operators have developed the payment with a "closed" system - subscription-based charging, only for registered members of their scheme. However, it has become clear that this is an obstacle to the growth of electromobility in Europe and that alternative solutions are gaining momentum.

In this direction and to better meet the needs of consumers, we have developed and installed in our charging stations, a specialized system for the so-called open payment. The unified open payment approach means that customers can use familiar cashless methods such as debit or credit cards, a smartphone wallet or a web payment solution to charge their electric vehicle. This concept has already been proven in traditional gas stations, where drivers pay for their gasoline on self-service machines. The customer wants to pay and can complete the transaction using a common and familiar method.

Being able to pay for energy consumption in a fast and reliable way is exactly what electric car drivers expect. We have developed a solution tailored to the needs of all modern drivers: convenient transaction, fast and easy payment, perfectly tailored to the needs.

Through the charging system, everyone can control, in addition to remote maintenance and firmware update, access control via GPRS, UMTS and LTE, to use additional features far beyond those provided by OCPP.

Innovative technology leads to maximum efficiency and safety for both the charging system and the vehicle.

The introduction of this innovation leads to an increase in the competitive advantage of our charging stations, as the rest of the market does not offer it.

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